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Secure a fabulous style from all angles with Goody's Double Sided Mirror! This mirror features a uniquely shaped handle that adjusts for your comfort. Bent at the appropriate angle, it enables you to see your completed look from all views. Keep the back of your hair looking as nice as the front! This two-sided makeup mirror also is an excellent device for applying skin products and makeup. One side contains a standard view while the other boasts a magnified mirror. Your eyeliner will be straight, even and neatly in place when you are looking at your face close-up (what a feat!). Look Good and Feel Goody. #GoodyHair

Goody Large Round Two Sided Makeup Mirror, Styling Mirror & Magnifying Mirror, Assorted Colors, 1 Ct

  • Hand mirror for styling hair, applying make up
  • Great for styling hair on-the-go
  • Easily check hair from behind angles

About Goody...

Innovating affordable beauty since 1907

At over 110 years old (we're not afraid to show our age), we've learned a thing or two about creating the best hair accessories and styling tools that won't break the bank. From our groundbreaking innovations to our cult-classic favorites, we strive to uphold our reputation as a staple in every woman's hair routine from childhood through adulthood.

Proud sponsor - Girls on the Run. It's a girl's world! Each Goody Ouchless product promises to care for your hair and minimize snags. Count on Ouchless accessories for comfort and fun, all in one! Visit for new products and styling tips.

Goody Large Two Sided Mirror, Styling Mirror & Magnifying Mirror, 1 Ct

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